What is Faith and Arts Ottawa?

Faith and Arts Ottawa is, most of all, an experiment, so our focus is less on what it is and more on what it will become, and that is still a mystery.

But, there are a few things we can say:

  • It is an experiment in exploring faith and spirituality through the use of the imagination and the creative arts.
  • It is an experiment in creating a new community of people who are drawn to the vision of what it might become.
  • It is an organization dedicated to creating arts-based events and programs that will help people ask and answer the important questions of their lives.
  • It is a way to connect people who are asking spiritual questions, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.
  • It is a place for hospitality, questing, learning and friendship, and,
  • It is a new ministry of the United Church of Canada (founded in February, 2012).

We hope that our programs will connect with people of all ages and all walks of life: men and women, young and old, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or none of the above. In particular, we hope that young adults looking for purpose and meaning in their lives will find help and encouragement in what we offer.

We hope that our programs will connect with poets, musicians, song-writers, actors, dancers, play-wrights, potters, photographers, videographers, painters, sculptors and carvers, and more.

Faith and Arts Ottawa is about creativity and imagination, about creatively making and shaping our lives, and our programs will be for anyone who is interested in exploring life through the creative arts and the creative process.

Faith and Arts Ottawa is grounded in the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus:

  • Love for our neighbours
  • Hospitality for the stranger
  • Care for those in need, and …

Faith and Arts Ottawa is also grounded in the diverse, multi-religious, secular society that is Ottawa today. To become fully the people we can be, we need to talk with and listen to ALL our neighbours, especially those whose beliefs are different than our own. A core piece of the vision of Faith and Arts Ottawa is that every human being is creative and has something important to add to the community.

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