Contemplative Photography: September 15/12

Have you ever noticed how looking at something out of the corner of your eye changes the way you see it? Using peripheral vision is one way to break free of conventional perceptions and open ourselves to new understanding. Too often, we look at things only straight on and take them at “face” value when it is their edges that are truly interesting.

At this month’s photography workshop we will explore the notion of liminality. As we continue to explore the ways in which the art of photography can enhance our contemplative connection with the world, we inevitably come to the edges of things.

What do we see when we look out of the corner of our eye?  What lies between? Between earth and sky, between water and stone, between life and death? Some transitions are gradual and others are abrupt. Some changes are insignificant, others are dramatic.

We’ll explore these themes along the banks of the Ottawa River.  Join us at the Remic Rapids parking lot off the Ottawa River Parkway on Saturday, September 15th at 4:0p.m. 

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