New information on the site, and lots more on the way.

As we roll out all our programs and events for the rest of 2013 and 2014 we will be adding new pages to this site.

You’ll find information about our new art studio and all the programs we’ll be offering there – created in partnership with All Saints’ Anglican church in Sandy Hill – under the “SpirtArt Program” tab.

You will be able to follow the development of our multi-year, multi-discipline, verbatim theate project under the “god Monologues” tab.

And we’ll be announcing more partnerships and more creative news in the weeks to come.

After months of low profile work, we are rolling out a truly unique and exciting palette of programs and events in the months ahead.  Let’s get creative!

We’re back! With lots of exciting news.

Whew! I am delighted to start posting again … finally.  There hasn’t been much action around here in a long time, but a lot of hard work has been happening away from the spotlight and now it is coming to fruition.

We’ll be announcing a whole bunch of exciting new initiatives and partnerships that are going to help Faith and Arts Ottawa fulfill its mission to offer imaginative arts-based programs that explore faith and spirituality.  I have been amazed at how many people and organizations share the vision of engaging in spiritual growth through the creative arts.  A new community of spirited artists is emerging.

Some highlights of what is coming:

  • a new art studio
  • over 20 incredibly diverse and exciting art workshops this fall.
  • poetry, painting, dance, music, journaling, sculpting, mask-making, and more!
  • a theatre tour all the way from Thunder Bay to Halifax.
  • two new theatrical productions in 2014.

Stay tuned!