We’re back! With lots of exciting news.

Whew! I am delighted to start posting again … finally.  There hasn’t been much action around here in a long time, but a lot of hard work has been happening away from the spotlight and now it is coming to fruition.

We’ll be announcing a whole bunch of exciting new initiatives and partnerships that are going to help Faith and Arts Ottawa fulfill its mission to offer imaginative arts-based programs that explore faith and spirituality.  I have been amazed at how many people and organizations share the vision of engaging in spiritual growth through the creative arts.  A new community of spirited artists is emerging.

Some highlights of what is coming:

  • a new art studio
  • over 20 incredibly diverse and exciting art workshops this fall.
  • poetry, painting, dance, music, journaling, sculpting, mask-making, and more!
  • a theatre tour all the way from Thunder Bay to Halifax.
  • two new theatrical productions in 2014.

Stay tuned!

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