godVERBATIM: 2014 Fringe Festival Production



Here at Faith&Arts Ottawa we’re always looking for ways to deepen and develop our exploration of spirituality through the creative arts.  So we’re delighted to be sponsoring an original theatrical production for the 2104 Ottawa Fringe Theatre festival: godVERBATIM.

godVERBATIM is our second piece of original verbatim theatre, expanding on the success of last year’s The god Monologues.

Expect humour, awkward moments, and deep thoughts as our team of twenty-first-century social media users and intellectuals get tackled by questions humankind has been trying to answer for thousands of years.

Our cast of both young and old, straight and queer, long-time actors and neophytes, men and women will share our unanswered questions and strange divine experiences. Catholic, agnostic, and ‘spiritual but not religious’ are some of the philosophies the cast will carry to the stage. We created this performance over the last four months, and it will present our voices, stories, and thoughts. It will feature the work that sparked and inspired us – stories gathered by Carleton University’s Rev. Dr. Tom Sherwood. Tom interviewed over 600 young adults and asked their opinions on faith, spirituality, and religion.

Our co-directors Eleanor Crowder and Anna Lewis, professional actors, playwrights and directors, helped Faith and Arts Ottawa establish this performance format last year, and guided us again this year in the creation of our script and selection of theatre techniques.

This creative space isn’t just for us. We want to share the soapbox and incorporate your experiences with faith and spirituality via digital and social media and other new technologies.

Ladies and gentlemen, please turn on your phones.

Find more about the show and cast at www.godverbatim.ca

Buy tickets at http://ottawafringe.com/tickets/god-verbatim/

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