2013 The god Monologues

The god Monologues project started with a small group of creative young adults meeting for dinner in the hall of St. Giles’ Presbyterian church, way back in February, 2013.  It was cold and blustery outside, but warm inside, and the food was good. They didn’t really know what they were getting themselves into, but they were up for whatever.  ‘Whatever’ turned out to be a two month journey of rehearsals, dinners, learning, laughing and growing.  At the end, they had created an original piece of verbatim theatre, The god Monologues, that explored the faith and spirituality of young Canadians. They used their own life experiences, personal statements from dozens of other young people, and professional theatre techniques to pull together an hour of monologues, dialogues, songs, and choruses that kept an audience of more than 120 people enthralled when they presented it on Sunday, March 24/13. Since then the project has expanded and grown.  As word of mouth has spread the news we’ve seen interest in “The god Monologues” and using theatre to explore spirituality from across Ontario and in other parts of Canada.  This is hugely exciting and we’re delighted to be able to respond in some creative ways:

  • Eleanor Crowder and Anna Lewis, the professional actors, playwrights and directors who led The god Monologues project back in the spring, are on tour this fall, throughout northern and eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, performing an original play about the lives of two twenty-something Canadians (it’s called “Momma’s Boy” and it is a powerful piece of live theatre) and leading workshops about using theatre to explore questions of spirit and faith, presenting The god Monologues as a case study.
  • There will be a new and expanded god Monologues production in the spring of 2014!
  • Members of the Faith and Arts Ottawa team are taking the news on the road with them, presenting at meetings, informal gatherings and conferences across Ontario, Quebec and elsewhere.  In fact, Rev. Dr. Tom Sherwood, whose research underpins and sparks the god Monologues process, will be presenting his work, Faith and Arts Ottawa, and The god Monologues at the World Council of Churches gathering in Seoul, South Korea in late October, 2013. So it is fair to say that we’ve gone international!

I’ll be posting details as the story unfolds.  Stay tuned!

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