Trans Script Art - Mask

Upcoming Performances 

Sunday, January 21, 2018  at 7:30 p.m.
Monday, January 22, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.
at The Gladstone Theatre (912 Gladstone Avenue)
Tickets: $23/each, online/in person from The Gladstone Box Office.

“I used to think of you as a girl named Steven, now you’re named Fiona.”
 – Ruth

Becoming who you are is never easy. How do we find and define our identities? What does it mean to be a woman? What can we change? What happens to our most important relationships when we do change?

Based on real stories, Trans-Script follows six characters over the course of a few months as they adapt to changes and find new truths about themselves. The stories and characters of Trans-Script pose an essential question: “Is love enough?”

Trans-Script is an original 50-minute play, written by Rosemary Nolan and Eleanor Crowder, that explores love and relationships in the context of transgender experiences. Both evening performances will be followed by a moderated audience-cast talkback.

Content suitable for ages 12+

Trans-Script has been performed at Carleton, Algonquin, uOttawa, high schools, churches, and conferences of the United Church of Canada (Rendez-Vous 2017, the Annual Meeting of Bay of Quinte Conference, and annual conference of Affirm United).

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Audrey Girard
IMG_20171216_125521.jpgAudrey is trans woman involved with Faith & Arts Ottawa for the last four years. She is very proud of and excited to be working as part of Foundations and Pathways Ottawa, a new peer support program for trans and gender diverse people in the Champlain region. She’s also training to be a part of Ottawa Roller Derby, a recreational league that regularly holds Crash Courses to train up new players to join in the fun.


Kathleen Grady-Thompson
Blind Aura Kathleen.jpg
Kathleen has enjoyed performing with Faith and Arts Ottawa since 2014. As a strong ally with the LGBTQ2 community, she enjoys learning from and advocating for acceptance over tolerance of everyone. Theatre is a powerful device for this!


Oliver Korany

Oliver will be taking a break from live theatre to focus more on schooling in coming months. He can still be found acting for Mismaker Pictures, on YouTube. Oliver has been working with Faith and Arts Ottawa for two years, which he found quite by accident, auditioning for different show. He looks forward to many more of these fortunate accidents to come.


Rosemary Nolan
Rosemary Nolan.jpgRosemary is the co-playwright of Trans-script (with Eleanor Crowder) and directed the touring version. As an actor this time, she is enjoying focusing on a single character! Rosemary has been involved in all four previous Faith and Arts productions. Rosemary is also teacher and a stage manager. She is currently stage managing Grounded, which is playing at The Gladstone until January 27th. This July, she will be directing Twelfth Night, with young actors outdoors at Rag and Bone’s Shakespeare Camp.

Lola Ryan 
Lola in blue.jpgLola is a dancer, teacher, poet and writer. England to Ontario to Vancouver to Ottawa – for now. A lifelong love affair with transition brings her to here and now, to the glory of growth, to becoming everything she has lived for. After the joy of international athletic competition, walking the airy halls of academe, then the footlights and fanfare of dance and theatre, across the country and abroad, she now moves in new directions, into new worlds.

Ashley Russell 
25351862_763388790525761_5791198786279155035_o.jpgAshley found her community when she found Faith and Arts Ottawa back in 2014, and has since starred in all four previous Fatih and Arts productions. Doing amateur theatre with Faith and Arts Ottawa provides Ashley the milieu to combine her two passions in life, faith and the arts. Ashley is the administrator for Faith and Arts Ottawa, and will be staring in Faith and Arts Ottawa’s newest documentary theatre workshop series Sprit Talks.